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Candidate: Sandra WALMSLEY

Sandra WALMSLEY election leaflet

I have worked for social justice all my life, in social care and mental health. This was mainly in London. I have now lived in South West Norfolk for the last 20 years and I understand there are differences in the issues faced in our countryside.

On Local issues I will fight against rural deprivation due to:
• poor public transport
• access to food
• fuel poverty
• limited education and training opportunities
• lack of affordable housing
• limited secure well paid employment
• poor access to health care

Inappropriate use of land due to:
• intensive farming methods which deplete natural resources, lower animal welfare and reduce jobs
• lack of policies to encourage local food production
• use of good farmland for fuel crops and solar farms
• sale of agricultural land for development
• new Planning Framework which claims to be local but is the opposite

On National Issues I feel passionately about:
• creeping privatisation of the NHS and lack of adequate funding
• destruction of local government services such as social care and education
• lack of affordable housing and loss of social housing
• constant attacks on benefits and those who depend on them.

I believe the Green Party offers the only alternative to austerity and has policies for a fair society. We want to create a good world for future generations.
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