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Lead candidate in Dereham-Toftwood ward:

Timothy BIRT

I have made Breckland my home since 1991 and as a life member of the Green Party I have been actively connected with local issues. I am a self-employed engineer, married with children at Neatherd High School and Dereham Sixth Form. In 2007, I was elected to Dereham Town Council and have spent the last year serving as Dereham Town Mayor.

It is clear that Dereham is being threatened by failings of the planning system, and the passive way in which the planning authority (Breckland Council) has failed to stand up for existing residents of Dereham. I want to see a thriving town which means building a genuinely sustainable community.

Dereham Town Council election

Through my work on the Town Council and a solid Green influence, over the last 8 years we have: It is hard to imagine how all of that would have happened without Green Councillors driving the principles of public funding and public ownership ... for the common good.

But there is much more to do: These are the reasons I wish to stand to serve a further term on Dereham Town Council. Toftwood voters may select up to three councillors, please use a vote for me, thank you.

Breckland District Council election

It is vital there is Green representation at Breckland District Council. Good, robust decisions are made after consideration of all facts and points-of-view, that is not happening now. I want to speak up for Dereham, so I am standing in that election too.

You have two votes for the Breckland election, please use one for me. You should also use your other vote for Mike Hirst, who is supporting me in this ward.

For more information about Timothy Birt see his personal web-site. It includes the Mayor's blog as well as a micro-biography and other stuff on renewable energy and electric vehicles.