Standing in Saham Toney ward:

The ‘Saham Toney’ District Council ward, also includes Carbrooke, Bradenham, Scoulton and Ovington.

YES to protecting public services
YES to affordable, energy-efficient homes through a better local plan
YES to good, accessible green spaces and more trees
YES to increasing provision to help people stay in their own homes
rather than go into care
YES to an open and transparent Council

"Repeated Breckland problems
need different solutions"

About me:

I have lived in Ovington since 1996. I have been a member of the Green Party for many years and recently a representative on Ovington Parish Council.

I was a in the Royal Navy for 13 years, and then a teacher and I now work for the NHS.

Why I want to be your councillor:

In Breckland, with a large majority of one political party, it is essential to have a considered and thoughtful alternative voice to offer diverse solutions and robust decisions.

There are two seats in the ‘Saham Toney’ District Council ward, so you may choose one or two people as your councillor, you don't have to use both votes, but please use one for me.

Breckland works better
with Green councillors