Just some of the things Tim has been doing...

We don't have a media team so getting press coverage is a hit and miss affair, but here are some things which have made it (follow the link icon for more details):
  • Hewett School Technology tournament. Details (PDF)
    Tim was a judge at the contest and also had a go at building his own version of the task
  • Attleborough housing development. EDP link
    Local enthusiasm to do the right thing by growing the whole community may be thwarted by bad political decisions from government or higher authorities. Attleborough will get the houses, but the infrastructure is suspect.
  • Age concern hustings - Mattishall. EDP link
    High profile candidates debate.
  • Pond clearing in Dereham. Dereham Times link
    A community asset in need of some maintenance. Tim and his daughter enjoyed the morning helping.
  • Wymondham School hustings. Wymondam College
    A packed hall with an enthusiastic audience - "I wish we could do more like this".
    BBC Look East also present.

Most of the time is devoted to getting out within our community throughout Mid-Norfolk, something I do even when there is not an election. For example I have attended meetings at the Citizens Advice Bureau; as a Town Councillor I am heavily involved with Dereham's Memorial Hall project and I am looking at Breckland's new CCTV system. There has been fund raising for the local party in order to pay the election deposit and leaflets. However, there are a few differences during an election:

There are many thousands of emails, far more than can be answered in the time available. Please accept my apologies for not answering quickly. There are hundreds of requests to sign up to support various groups. I have taken an honest approach to this and have only signed those which I fully support after reading the policy documents or manifesto. There are many more groups who I not yet read due to time, so please don't assume just because I have not yet signed it is not supported.

I regularly visit Watton to shop and in conection with my small business. On Saturday I missed the Labour contingent who I understand were out in a gang putting people's market purchases (already in a bag) into a "Labour" bag! If only I had known ... we could have had an informal street hustings. Anyway I was in Attleborough town centre on Saturday afternoon available for questions and with some leaflets. On the way back home I briefly stopped at Hingham - again, I know people in the village.

As the campaign enters its last few days I plan to be out door knocking in Dereham and Watton. On election day itself I will be at Wymondam and Attleborough.

Please say hello if you see me out and about.

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