Standing in Saham Toney ward: Timothy BIRT

About me:

I have made Breckland my home since 1991, formally in Dereham, but for the past decade at Ovington. As a life member of the Green Party I have been actively involved with real local issues including challenging Breckland’s flawed Local Plan at the official inspection.

I am a self-employed electronics design engineer, married with grown up children.

As an Ovington Parish Councillors and previous Dereham Councillor and Mayor, I have a fair bit of experience of local politics. I'm passionate about getting Breckland Council to be more open and accountable and therefore work better:

"To get robust decisions you need to consider different views, Breckland needs more than just blue clones."

Let's stop dodgy property deals (Barham Broom Country Club), overseas bank investments (Iceland) and outsourcing important local services (Capita Planning), none of which were wise, successful or profitable.

The Ward

Saham Toney ward includes Carbrooke, Bradenham, Scoulton and Ovington.

You can vote for one or two Councillors, please use a vote for me.

PDFTim's election leaflet (PDF, opens in new tab)